Ensuring quality

As a company you want to ensure that your instruments and machines continue to meet the ISO- and/or safety standards. That is exactly why we, at Tradinco Instruments, advice, develop and place sensors in your products. Because of this, you can easily check up on your machines to see if they are still working properly and ensure the quality of your products. We would like to think along while you figure out which testing process is the right one for you!

Why testing?

Testing will provide insight into how your equipment is performing and if they comply to the set requirements. Based on the test results, you can specifically focus on improving the quality of your business processes. Only when you are able to rely on your test equipment and results, you will be able to make subsequent steps based on correct assumptions. Are you looking for an expert partner who can offer you great advice? Tradinco Instruments is ready to help you find solutions for your challenges. Multiple customers from the (petro)chemical, food and pharma industry have been working with our customized solutions for over a decade.

We at Tradinco Instruments cannot wait to help you.

How can we do this together?

At Tradinco Instruments we are continuously developing and improving our products and team, so that we can deliver our best testing equipment and service. We want to help your company continuously carry out qualitative tests, for example by compiling a customized test bench that perfectly suits your business processes and products. Furthermore, we can deliver a multi-functional electrical calibrator, that easily generates electrical signals. Here you can think of the right pressure sensors that continuously test and optimize the air pressure in engines. Lastly, our brand-independent product, AutoCal calibration software, can be the solution to timely schedule and carry out tests.

In what way can we help you out today?

Deathweight tester

Calibration instruments

Do you want to calibrate your measuring instruments yourself? You need the right materials for that. We offer various calibration instruments for pressure, temperature and electrical. We are happy to help you.

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Outsource calibration

In some cases it is necessary that the calibration takes place in an RvA accredited calibration lab. For example because of safety requirements or hygiene. Or maybe you don't have the right tools at home. Then you've come to the right place.

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How do you perform your calibrations? Do you do this yourself or do you use certain software for this? Tradinco has AutoCal, a universal calibration software package that allows you to easily and conveniently arrange and schedule your calibrations.

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We do more than just calibrate. We offer you a total package. From maintenance to calibration to replacement of rejected instruments. And that with the right software solution.

Need testing?

However you want to do it, we will help you further. By custom-developed sensors, composite test benches or by conducting various tests in our calibration lab.

Our Clients