Measuring in hydrogen installations

Hydrogen is the world smallest molecule, but it might play a large role in our daily life in the near future for several reasons. Hydrogen is an attractive alternative for a number of fossil fuels. Besides its role in the energy transition, hydrogen is already widely used for example in the semiconductor industry.

Did you know there are a number of hydrogen specific challenges when measuring for instance pressure or temperature? At Tradinco Instruments we have gained quite some experience with instrumentation for hydrogen installations. We do like to share our experience and find the best solution for your application.

Instrumentation for hydrogen

Proper quality sensors are widely available nowadays, but far from all of them can be used for measurements in hydrogen. If you select the wrong material, a sensor can be damaged by hydrogen embrittlement. Pressure sensors can, over time, show a severe drift caused by hydrogen permeation into filling fluids. During (de)compression large temperature effects can be expected.

All of the above can affect sensor prestation. Obviously ATEX and SIL certification will also play a role in many applications as hydrogen is a flammable gas. For all these challenges solutions are available. We like to tell you more about it.


Many hydrogen applications run on newly developed installations. Good quality output of sensors in the installation is essential to achieve safe and reliable operation and a good quality product. Poor performing sensors can be detected and replaced before they cause a threat to the operation, when regular calibration checks are performed.

When calibrating on-site, it is important that calibration equipment complies with all relevant safety standards, like ATEX class IIC. For some applications involving fuel cells, contamination can be a serious issue. This should be addressed when making decisions on calibration methods.

Do you want to know more about sensors for hydrogen service or about calibration equipment or strategies? Our experts are happy to help.

In what way can we help you out today?

Clamp on sensor

This temperature sensor can easily be placed on a pipe with a unique clamp. With this technique, it measures the temperature without drilling or welding.

Electrical pressure sensor

These high quality sensors measure the pressure in a machine or an instrument and translate this into an electrical signal.

DPI 620 multi function calibrator

This multifunctional calibrator monitors and calibrates various electrical signals in processes. Also available in ATEX.

Traqc-8 APC

This analogue high pressure caliber is suitable for calibrating and testing for example high pressure transmitters and pressure switches.

Calibration needed?

However you want to go at it, we will help you further. Whether it is by providing the instruments to do it yourself or that we have your instruments calibrated in the ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab (K050).

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