Calibration and business processes

Is meeting the ISO-standards and having a safe work environment of importance to your company? We at Tradinco Instruments understand that as no other. That is why we offer a diversity of calibration solutions that match your business processes. Our solutions meet the ISO-standardization (such as ISO-9001 and ISO-17025) and safety requirements. This way you can do what you are good at, and we can do what we are good at: calibrate and measure. Because of our expertise, customers from the (petro)chemistry-, food-, pharma
industry and more have been trusting us for over 50 years.

Why calibration?

Equipment that does not perform properly can lead to unsafe situations. In some cases, it can even shut down business processes. We can prevent this from happening by offering tailor-made solutions that fit your company. You can think of solutions where you carry out calibrations yourself with the right calibration- and measure instrument. Furthermore, you could outsource the calibration process to our ISO-17025 certified accredited calibration lab.

How can we do this together?

We can help you out by looking at what is achievable and important to you. Our people and products are developing continuously, and we work with brands like Wika and Baker Hughes (DRUCK). That is why we will always find the right tailor-made solution for your personal business challenge.

We can carry out your calibration in our calibration lab, which is specialized in pressure, temperature and electricity and where we calibrate thousands of instruments on a yearly
basis. Of course, we also carry out calibrations on location, together with our sister company, TTC. When it turns out that instruments do not meet the standards, we will adjust them in our workshop or on location when this is technically possible.

Since we like to help our customers, we are developing AutoCal. This is a brand-independent calibration software package by which you can plan and carry out your calibration. Together we can figure out what your company needs. The possibilities are endless!

In what way can we help you out today?

Deathweight tester

Calibration instruments

Do you want to calibrate your measuring instruments yourself? You need the right materials for that. We offer various calibration instruments for pressure, temperature and electrical. We are happy to help you.

testbank 2

Test bench

Do you need a test bench for electrical calibrations? Or for pressure or temperature calibrations or measurements? We design and install test benches for electrical, pressure and/or temperature calibrations

AutoCal klein


How do you perform your calibrations? Do you do this yourself or do you use certain software for this? Tradinco has AutoCal, a universal calibration software package that allows you to easily and conveniently arrange and schedule your calibrations.

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We do more than just calibrate. We offer you a total package. From maintenance to calibration to replacement of rejected instruments. And that with the right software solution.

Calibration needed?

However you want to go at it, we will help you further. Whether it is by providing the instruments to do it yourself or that we have your instruments calibrated in the ISO 17025-2017 accredited calibration lab.

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