Specialist in calibration

At Tradinco Instruments we truly understand the importance of a working environment that is in full compliance with all applicable ISO standards and safety requirements. The solution provided by our specialists seamlessly meet your business process and safety requirements. When you choose Tradinco Instruments, you choose quality.

Why calibration?

Accurate calibrations of instruments and sensors ensure safe, efficient and cost effective business processes at all time. Equipment that does not work properly can create unsafe situations and in some cases even halt business processes. Tradinco Instruments' custom solutions prevent unwanted situations. Our experts are here for you!

We work with you

Calibrations on location, at our ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab (K050) or performing calibration yourself: at Tradinco Instruments we have many possibilities to support you.

Tradinco Instruments continuously invests in the development of its products and in the knowledge of its people. Through innovation and continuous improvement, we are always able to offer a tailor-made solution for your challenge.

Would you like to know more about our possibilities? Please contact us for further information.

In what way can we help you out today?

Calibration instruments

For calibrating your measuring instruments yourself we offer various calibration instruments for pressure, temperature and electrical. We are happy to help you.

Test bench

Do you need a test bench for electrical calibrations? Or for pressure or temperature calibrations or measurements? We design and install test benches for electrical, pressure and/or temperature calibrations.


For performing automated calibrations Tradinco can help you with AutoCal+. Autocal+ is a ready to use calibration software package that allows you to easily arrange and perform your calibrations.


From checks to maintenance and from functional tests to cleaning: the service of Tradinco Instruments is unmatched.

Calibration needed?

However you want to go at it, we will help you further. Whether it is by providing the instruments to do it yourself or that we have your instruments calibrated in the ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab (K050).

Our clients