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Training AutoCal+

The calibration of instruments proves to be of business importance time and again. As a calibration specialist, Tradinco Instruments developed the AutoCal+ calibration software, which allows you to easily schedule, perform and manage calibrations.

During the AutoCal+ training you will learn to make optimal use of the program. The calibration software follows international metrology and quality standards and works with several brands, including Tradinco Instruments' Traqc product line. AutoCal+ is applicable for both mobile and laboratory instrumentation.
Training AutoCal+

Who is the training for?

Are you responsible for performing calibrations or are you a system administrator within your company, for example? Then this training is suitable for you. In this training you will learn how to apply AutoCal+ for calibrations and processing its results. You will be well informed about which procedures are to be followed and you will know how to optimally use AutoCal+ in combination with your reference instruments. The training topics:
  • Structure of calibration data management
  • System management functions
  • Performing calibrations in practice
  • Reporting and certificates
  • Creating calibration routines
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