Temperature calibration service

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Tradinco Instruments is the expert in the field of temperature calibrations. With the highest (inter)national quality standards, your measuring instruments are calibrated in our calibration laboratory, whether you opt for accredited calibrations (K050) or non-accredited calibrations. We perform calibrations for various types of temperature measuring instruments, including dry-block calibrators with a range of -50°C to 650°C and a measurement uncertainty starting from 0.1°C. Additionally, we calibrate PT100 sensors, thermocouples, thermometers, and RTD sensors. As part of the calibration process, we also conduct minor maintenance and functional tests. In summary, our calibration service enhances the accuracy and reliability of your instruments for optimal performance!
Temperatuur kalibratieservice

The benefits of our services

We conduct accredited temperature calibrations (K050) in our calibration laboratory. The benefits of our services include:
√ One address for all your (accredited) temperature calibrations
√ All our calibrations include minor maintenance and functional tests
√ Automatic (annual/periodic) reminders for (re)calibration
√ Brand-independent temperature calibrations for various brands
√ Service contracts tailored to your needs and preferences
√ Minimal disruption due to our short processing times

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