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What does a triaxial accelerometer do?

How can you measure vibrations in three directions simultaneously? This is possible with a triaxial (three-axis) accelerometer. The most commonly used sensor for measuring vibrations is an accelerometer, or acceleration sensor. This name fits well with the sensor, because the sensor measures the forces that occur during acceleration and deceleration.

During a vibration, there is continuous acceleration and deceleration. The advantage of triaxial sensors is that fewer cables and sensors are needed, which reduces installation costs and time. Another advantage may be that less mass is added than if three uniaxial sensors are used (especially an advantage when measuring on light structures).



Triaxial vibration sensors are used for simultaneous measurement of vibrations in three directions. For example, they are used for the measurement of vibration behavior of bridges (modal analysis) or the measurement of the dynamic stiffness of machines, carrier frames of satellites, etc. Did you know that in some machines, vibrations are measured and actively damped and can therefore make products with much greater precision? Tradinco Instruments supplies accelerometers from TE connectivity.

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