UNIK 5000

How does this sensor work?

Are you looking for a compact, high quality sensor? Which you can select yourself in an online configurator? The UNIK5000 pressure sensor from Druck is a compact, high quality sensor. Due to the modular structure, this sensor is available in a huge number of configurations as standard. You can select these yourself in the online configurator.

The entire sensor, including the piezoelectric chip, is manufactured by Druck in England. The high quality reflects in the stability and accuracy of the sensor. Even without temperature compensation. The sensor has a high frequency response of up to 3.5 kHz. This makes the sensor suitable for measuring pressure transients/pulses.



The UNIK5000 pressure sensor is a good option if you are looking for a sensor with a long lifespan. It is an accurate and stable sensor. The sensor is widely used in high-tech machines and accurate measurement and control systems. The same properties, such as large temperature range and long-term stability make the sensor also very suitable for applications in heavy environments. For example, the (petro)chemistry and on board chips.

Technical specifications

  • Range from 70 mbar to 700 bar
  • Accuracy is 0.04% FS, 0.1% FS Or 0.2% FS minimum
  • Output: analog, 9 different options possible of 4..20 mA Volt, bridge output
  • Connections: a wide choice is available (see datasheet)

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