What does this instrument do?

Are you looking for a pneumatic pressure regulator for your testbench? The Traqc-9 series exists of five different pressure regulators. These manually operating pressure regulators are the solution to manage any asked for pressure up to 250 bar. These instruments are applied at stationary measurement- and calibration systems. Every desired calibration point can be regulated accurately. In combination with a Traqc-9 P you can easily carry out every test and calibration.

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There are five different pneumatic pressure regulators within this series. These are:

  • Traqc-9 CLPC: low pressure regulator (reach from 0 to 1000 mbar)
  •  Traqc-9 CPC: pressure regulator (reach from 0 to 1 bar and 0 to 10 bar)
  •  Traqc-9 CVC: vacuum regulator (reach from 0 to -1 bar)
  •  Traqc-9 CAC: absolute pressure regulator (reach from -1 to 10 bar)
  • Traqc-9 CHPC: high-pressure regulator (reach from 0 to 16 bar and 0 to 350 bar)

Technical specification

  • Regulating pressure accurately
  • Simple and sturdy
  • Easily integrated
  • Euro cassette
  • Diverse configurations

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