Traqc-8 APC

What does this instrument do?

Are you looking for a measurement instrument to calibrate and test high pressure transmitters, pressure switches or safety valves with compressed air? Our analog high-pressure calibrator, the Traqc-8 APC, makes this possible. This instrument calibrates or
tests, depending on an external pneumatic pressure source, on all locations high pressure. This is possible using a build-in gas storage with a maximum of 250 bar. Every desired pressure can be set up accurately using a built-in pressure regulator and precision needle
valves. This measurement instrument is also available in a digital version, namely the Traqc-8 DPC.



The Traqc-8 APC is very suitable for testing instruments that are not allowed to come in contact with liquids. The Traqc-8 APC works pneumatic (with nitrogen or compressed air) instead of hydraulic. This minimizes the chance of contamination. Furthermore, the instrument does not have electrical component, which means it can be used in an ATEX-
environment. With a capacity of 2-liter nitrogen or compressed air, you can carry out measurements on location up to 250 bar.

Technical specifications

  •  Accuracy: 0,5% F.S.
  • 2-liter integrated high-pressure storage up to a maximum of 200 bar
  • Reach up to 250 bar
  • Quick pressure regulator

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