What does the Traqc-7 PC pressure calibrator do?

Are you looking for the best solution for pressure calibrations up to 20 bar with an accuracy of 0,02%? The Traqc-7 PC is a very suitable instrument. Within the Traqc-7 PC you can find all functionalities to carry out the most common pressure calibrations in one compact and sturdy instrument. Among other things, this pressure calibrator has a built-in handpump. This makes it possible to set up your desired test pressure very precisely with the volume regulator and the aeration valve.



The Traqc-7 PC is with three function buttons, four navigation buttons and a simple menu structure, easily operated. The instrument measures pressure very accurately (0,02% FS),
can generate vacuum as pressure up to 20 bar and can measure mA- and V-signals. Pressure switches can be easily tested and the Traqc-7 is equipped with a loop calibrator. Its built-in memory to save calibrations and the connection with AutoCal calibration software makes this instrument a varied calibration platform.

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