What does the Traqc-7 P pressure indicator do?

Are you looking for an accurate pressure indicator that can measure multiple pressure sensors up to a maximum of 1000 bar? Then the Traqc-7 P is a very suitable instrument. With the Traqc-7 P, all functionalities for performing the most common pressure measurement are processed in one compact and robust instrument. With two measure inputs, you can carry out measurements with the same instruments on high as well as low pressure. The Traqc-7 P has an optional built-in barometric reference sensor, with this functionality you can convert relative pressure into absolute pressure and vice versa.



The Traqc-7 P is with three function buttons, four navigation buttons and a simple menu structure, easily operated. The instrument measures pressure very accurately (0,02% FS) and can measure mA- and V- signals. The instrument is also available with a handpump, this is the Traqc-7 PC.

The Traqc-7 is equipped with a loop calibrator. Its built-in memory for saving calibrations and the connection with AutoCal+ calibration software, makes this instrument a versatile calibration platform. It is an all-in-one measurement instrument which can be used anywhere.

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Technical specifications

  • Various ranges up to 1000 bar
  • Built-in barometric reference sensor
  • High accuracy, 0,02% FS
  • Weather resistance

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