Afbeelding Traqc-5 P700DG

Traqc-5 P700 or P1000

Are you looking for a hydraulic handpump that can accurately generate pressure up to 700 or 1000 bar? The Traqc-5 P700/1000 is a compact and robust handpump. This hydraulic handpump can be used with oil or distilled water. The pump has a built-in reservoir for fluids and is easily used on location.


Combine the Traqc-5 with the Traqc-1

The Traqc-5 P700/1000 is very suitable to test, fine tune and calibrate multiple pressure instruments, such as barometers, pressure switches and safety valves. The pump has a needle valve to accurately set up and reach every pressure within the handpump.
The simple and maintenance friendly design of the Traqc-5 P700/1000 hydraulic handpump ensures years of problem free use. Are you looking for a set to quickly carry out the needed test- and calibration activities? You can then combine the handpump with a Traqc-1 (the digital manometer), connection material such as hoses, a set of adapters and accessories. We can deliver this in a robust case, so that you can transport everything complete and safe.

Technical specifications:

  • Hydraulic pressure up to 700 or 1000 bar
  • Easily operated and maintained
  • Its needle valve ensures a nice pressure adjustment and controlled pressure release
  • Built-in reservoir for oil and distilled water

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