What does it?

Are you looking for a pneumatic handpump with a reach from -0,3 up to 4 bar? De Traqc-5 P4 is an easy to operate handpump. It is mostly suitable for measurements whereby small pressures need to be regulated precisely, in spaces where humidity is excluded, and the use of aggressive substance is avoided. The volume control can be adjusted precisely to create the required pressure setpoint with minimal desired pressure steps.



The Traqc-5 P4 is very suitable for testing, fine tuning and calibrating pressure sensors, pressure meters, pressure switches, safety valves and all sorts of pressure equipment. The pump has a build-in facility to switch between vacuum and pressure generation. The simple and maintenance friendly design of the Traqc-5 P4 pneumatic handpump ensures years of trouble-free use. When you combine this handpump with a Traqc-1 (the
digital mano meter), hoses and adapters, you will have an effective measurement instrument to quickly carry out the necessary test- and calibration activities.

Technical specifications

  • Dual action of pneumatic pressure and vacuum;
  • Pneumatic pressure up to 4 bar;
  • Generates vacuum up to -0,3 bar;
  • Precise adjustment of pressure.

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