How does a Traqc-3 LL calibration oven work?

Are you looking for a sturdy and accurate calibration oven, to easily calibrate the temperature of sensors and instruments in the laboratory? The Traqc-3 LL offers the solution. This temperature oven is equipped with a special patented heat/cooling component. It creates a stable, uniform temperature distribution which makes it easy to correctly calibrate the instrument. We offer the Traqc-3 as laboratory calibrator (LL) and as a portable calibrator (FM). In conjunction with AutoCal calibration software, the calibration process runs via fixed routines. This improves the quality and saves time. Good to know: the development of this instrument is self-handled, and we support its maintenance.

Block Traqc-3 FM


The Traqc-3 LL is the answer for temperature calibration in laboratories. Its extensive possibilities offer solutions for multiple applications. Professionals, such as maintenance employees and engineers working in (petrol)chemical, oil or gas industry, like working with the Traqc-3 LL.

Do you doubt if this is the right calibrator for your applications? As specialists, we like to personally advice you on your decision. Please contact us!

Technical specifications

  • Reach: -30-150°C
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.4°C, average +/- 0.2°C
  • Fast cooling time
  • Stabilization time:: 35 minutes

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