Traqc-3 FM

How does a Traqc-3 FM temperature calibrator work?

Are you looking for an accurate and fast temperature calibrator to easily calibrate the temperature of elements and instruments in the field? Then Traqc-3, with her diverse applications, is the solution for you! This sturdy but small calibrator is easily transportable
and therefore offers a high degree of mobility. The Traqc-3 is offered as a field calibrator (FM) and a laboratory calibrator. In conjunction with the AutoCal calibration software, the calibration process runs automatically, and it will save you time. Good to know: the development of this product is self-handled, and its maintenance is supported by us.

case Traqc-3 fm


The Traqc-3 FM is perfectly suited for in field applications. The extensive possibilities offer solutions for a diversity of applications. The Traqc-3 FM is loved and preferred by professionals in the industry of (petro)chemicals, oil or gas, such as maintenance employees and engineers.

Are you still in doubt about the Traqc-3 FM and its suitability for the applications? Please get in contact! As a specialist in calibration, we are happy to personally advise you on your purchase.

Technical specifications

  • Reach: ambient (20°C) +5°C - 375°C
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.4°C, average +/- 0.2°C
  • Quick heating and cooling time
  • Stabilization time: 5 minutes
  • Weight: 1740 grams (FM)
  • Dimensions: 149x159x74 mm (FM)

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