Traqc-20 LPC small

What does the Traqc-20 LPC do?

Are you looking for an instrument that generates and measures low pressure? The Traqc-20 LPC generates and accurately measures any desired low pressure point. The instrument can also be used as a test and calibration instrument for pressure sensors and pressure switches. The Traqc-20 LPC has an internal pressure generator, this ensures that the set pressure can be set without other necessary auxiliary instrumentation. Furthermore, the instrument has an internal Li-ion battery, which makes the instrument easy to use.

Test bench


The Traqc-20 LPC is particularly suitable for stable pressure control in the very low pressure ranges, such as when calibrating sensors responsible for pressure measurements in cleanrooms and high-quality filters. With one operation, the instrument generates the correct pressure and displays the actual value.

Do you want to know more about the different possibilities of this low pressure calibrator? We are happy to help you.

Technical specifications

  • PCB boardlevel sensor
  • 0-100 mV Output
  • Reach: 0..2 t/m 0..100 PSI
  • Gage, Absolute, differential pressure
  • Temperature compensated (0..50C)

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