What does this instrument do?

Are you looking for a measurement instrument to carry out fully automatic pressure calibrations, controls and tests? An instrument that is easily operated? The Traqc-20 is an automatic pressure calibrator and has two different variations, namely the C21 and C22.

These pressure calibrators bring together the newest control- and measurement technology. Depending on the reach and accuracy, you can choose the version that suits the required specifications. The Traqc-20 C20 series have a touch screen color display with high resolution.

Unique to the Traqc-20 C22 version is that two pressure modules can be placed simultaneously, so you have the best accuracy for each chosen range.



These digital, automatic pressure calibrators are placed in our customized test benches. The Traqc-20 C20 series is mostly used in laboratory, workshops and production industry. The instruments are very suitable to efficiently, quickly and accurately carry out calibration activities.

These pressure modules are equipped with piezo-resistive sensor technology that offer high quality, stability, bandwidth and accuracy. In combination with our software package, AutoCal, the uncertainty of calibrations can be reduced to a minimum.

Technical specifications

  • Pressures up to 210 bar
  • Accuracy up to 0.005% R +0.005% FS
  • High control stability
  • Interchangeable pressure modules
  • Quick pressure regulator

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