What does the Traqc-2 digital pressure calibrator do?

Are you looking for a small and sturdy pressure calibrator? A pressure calibrator that can regulate pressures and measure up to 10 bar with an accuracy of 0,15%? Than please consider our Traqc-2 pressure calibrator. There is a variety of circumstances where it is necessary to use a portable measurement instrument. For example in difficult to access locations. This portable, lightweight calibrator can be used in the most common situations. The Traqc-2 PC is equipped with a precision reducer up to 10 bar when supply pressure is available. The Traqc-2 PCHP is operated with a build in handpump and volume regulator to regulate pressures up to 3 bar.

Traqc-2 detail


The Traqc-2 is usable as an indicator and reference instrument for testing, boot up and calibrating of pressure measurement instruments. The calibrator can be used everywhere and is offered with a sustainable Li-Ion battery. With the help of a built-in precision reducer, each pressure is easily adjusted. In addition, a pneumatic switch is built-in for leak tests. A version with a build in handpump and precision volume regulator can be used when pressure supply is not available. The Traqc-2 is delivered with a sturdy leather carrier bag, by which your instrument is protected in all circumstances.

Technical specifications

  • A pressure ranges up to 10 bar
  • A built-in precision reducer or handpump
  • 0,15% FS accuracy
  • Very suitable for testing and calibrations on remote locations
  • Easy and clear to reach

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