Traqc-1 DPG Digital Pressure Indicator

What does a Traqc-1 DPG digital pressure meter do?

Are you looking for a digital barometer by which you can quickly and easily check up on instruments and carry out calibrations in combination with a handpump? The Traqc-1 is your solution. This digital barometer, also called manometer, is very suitable for fixed measurement setups and portable measurements.

The Traqc-1 has a simple operation with four buttons, a long battery life and contains an excellent protection against moisture and dust. The latter is possible through a membrane keyboard and rubber buttons.



This manometer is offered on its own but can be combined with a handpump, for example from our Traqc-5 series. These two products combined ensure that you can quickly and easily carry out the necessary test- and calibration activities. This combination can be delivered in a handy case and is interesting because of its good value for money.

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Technical specifications

  • Pressure reach from -1 to 1000 bar
  • Long battery life
  • Accuracy from 0,5% FS or 0,1% FS
  • Excellent protection against dust and moisture

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