Traqc-9 MAVS

Traqc-9 MAVS

The Traqc-9 MAVS

The Traqc-9 MAVS powers your measuring instrument and accurately measures ma or V output signals. The Traqc-9 MAVS has a large and clear screen. With only three function keys and four navigation keys, you easily navigate and select functionality and settings. Also, this instrument has extensive loop calibration functionality and accurately generates voltage and current. Using the available intelligent switch test function, you have an instrument that also allows switches to be tested easily and quickly.

Technical specifications

Walking tests
High accuracy, 0.025%
Switch test function
Transmitter simulation


The instrument comes in a Euro Cassette and is easily built into, for example, xed calibration setups, (mobile) workshops and calibration and maintenance rooms. In combination with the AutoCal+ calibration software, the calibration process runs automatically and saves you a lot of time. Measurement data are automatically stored and processed into a clear calibration report.

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Tradinco testbank

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