Portable solutions

What are our solutions?

Are you looking for a test and calibration set-up that needs to be equipped with wheels for easy movement? We have different portable solutions. These arrangements are custom made.

They can be equipped with a wide variety of test instruments and other required equipment such as power supplies, compressors, vacuum pumps and required accessories. It is also possible to attach a lockable part for a PC, tools and documentation.

Portable solutions

Mobile calibration workshops

Tradinco Instruments also provides mobile test benches and the fitting out of measuring containers. These are calibration workshops that, for example, are placed on a company site with the help of a trailer or crane. These containers contain a fixed test set-up and all necessary peripherals, such as pressure provisions and conditioning to independently perform the necessary work on location.

We regularly deliver these mobile solution to large companies with multiple large locations that are difficult to reach. Our sister company, TTC, owns five calibration busses. They can carry out various calibrations on different measurement- and calibration instruments on site.


Calibration test bench




More information?

Would you like to know more about our different calibration options? For example, are you looking for a test bench or a mobile solution? Or would you like to have your measuring instruments calibrated in our ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab (K050)? Then do not hesitate to contact us.

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