Modular platform for electrical and pressure calibrations

Metis is a modular platform for electrical and pressure calibrations. This flexible and unique platform makes it possible to build your test bench modularly. Various measurement and calibration modules are added based on your needs and use. For example, if it is necessary to add an extra pressure range, an extra pressure module can be quickly and easily connected to the existing system. Flexibility and ease of use are the main advantages of Metis.


One central control module

The modular platform consists of a central control module to which several measurement and control modules can be connected. The 10-inch touchscreen with multilingual user interface makes operating all modules quick and easy. In addition, Metis communicates with the calibration software AutoCal+, enabling fast and paperless calibration.

Metis hoofdmodule

Plug & play configuration

Metis is a handy 'plug & play' system. As a result, all Metis modules that are connected to the central control module are automatically and immediately recognized and all functions are operational. This means that manual installation or adjustment of the various modules is no longer necessary. Commissioning electrical or pressure modules is so user-friendly and simple that you can start calibration in no time.

Metis in testbank

Advantages of Metis

  • Customization
    Metis stands for ultimate customization. You decide which modules are connected to the Metis modular platform. Several modules can be connected simultaneously, which you can operate directly via the central control module.
  • Flexibility
    Metis automatically recognizes the modules through 'plug & play' without having to install them manually. You can quickly and easily disconnect the modules and connect another module just as easily if desired.
  • Ease of use
    Metis ensures better performance, time savings and job satisfaction. Thanks to the quick and easy operation, you not only deliver better performance, but thanks to the automatic recognition you also save time and make your work a lot more fun.

More information about Metis?

Do you have a question about our modular platform or are you curious about what Metis can do for your test bench? Contact us via the contact form below. Or request a demonstration. During this demo we will take you through our modular platform. Our specialists will of course answer all your questions and look at your specific wishes. We promise you won't be disappointed!

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