Are you in need for a test bench for the technical service, work place or calibration laboratory? Our specialized advisers can help you out! Our team constructs and produces customized calibration test benches for electrical calibration, pressure calibration or
temperature. With proud we have been serving customers from the process, (petro)chemical, food and pharma industry for over 50 years. Furthermore, we are the one stop shop for the construction of test benches, calibrations, our calibration software AutoCal, instruments and services. To offer the best solutions and test benches for your company, we work brand- independent and work on continuously developing our people and improving our products.

Portable solutions

Application of calibration test benches

Tradinco Instruments uses test benches for electrical calibrations, temperature and pressure calibrations and they are generally installed for E&I. However, since every company follows different processes and uses different products, the composition of a test bench remains
customization. Delivering customized test benches is exactly what we have been doing with passion and expertise over the years. We spend time putting together the test benches and we offer service for our customers. Because of the modular construction of our test benches, you will be able to delink instruments when needed and send them to our calibration
laboratory. This way, your test bench will always remain on location. Yes, we like to think along and solve your challenges. Do you have questions? Please contact us!

Examples of calibration test benches we can construct:

  • Test benches for electrical calibrations;
  • Test benches for pressure calibrations;
  • Test benches for temperature calibrations;
  • Combination test benches of different sizes.


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Portable solutions

AutoCal klein

Calibration software


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Customer-specific test setups


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OEM products


Ask your question about constructing one or more test benches

Construction calibration test benches ask for expertise and customization. Without obligation, please contact us so we can help you out.

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