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How does a PT100 temperature sensor work?

Are you looking for an industrial temperature meter? A PT100 is a temperature dependent resistor that is also called RTD. At 0 degrees, the resistance of a PT100 is 100 ohms, hence the name. In the industry, more than half of all temperature measurements are made with a PT100. This is because it is a very accurate, linear and easy-to-connect sensor. Due to the simple design, a PT100 can also have a long lifespan.

There are also differences, for example, some sensors are suitable for ATEX & SIL applications, while others are optimized for hygienic applications.

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Although the basis of a PT100 is always the same, there are many different versions depending on the application. For example, a clamp-on PT100 is often used in hygienic installations or installations where hazardous substances are processed.

A reference sensor is again used as a calibration instrument. In combination with a thermowell, the PT100 can be used in rugged environments.

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