What does a mechanical temperature meter do?

Are you looking for a reliable mechanical temperature meter? There are two different options for the mechanical temperature gauges; a bimetal or gas pressure thermometer. Both make use of the fact that materials or gases expand or shrink with a change in temperature.

A bimetal thermometer has two metal strips with different expansion coefficient with are connected to each other. When the temperature changes this results in a curvature which is converted to a temperature reading.

A gas pressure thermometer is filled with a gas or a gas mixture. As the gas expands, a pointer is set in motion. It is even possible to also generate an electrical output from a mechanical sensor.

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The advantage of mechanical temperature reading is that it is also available when there is no electricity. For this reason, these sensors are often used in environments where, for safety reasons, the temperature must always be visible on site (nuclear power stations, chemical reactors, hazardous test setups) or when it is more practical not to have to lay cables.

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