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What does a clamp on sensor do?

Are you looking for clamp on sensors for the product that you are working on? The clamp on sensor, a PT100 temperature sensor, offers the solution. You can easily place the clamp on a pipe with a unique clip. Measuring temperature on the outside of the pipe makes it possible to also measure with a small diameter. Because of this, the pipe stays closed and does not endanger hygiene. Furthermore, you can prevent leakages from occurring since you do not have to place any couplings. We offer this solution in ATEX as SIL2/3. As an engineer in, for example, the (hygienic) process industry or mechanical engineering, we understand you might need deviant sizes. We offer customized solutions when needed.



The clamp on sensor is mostly delivered to the mechanical engineering and (hygienic) process industry, with the application of monitoring of CIP- or SIP-processes. A clamp on sensor is normally placed on a critical location, such as a drain line of a tank, which works perfectly because of the small dimensions and its sturdy clamping system. This clamp is perfectly suited for temperature measuring on pipe surface.

You calibrate and close the sensor without opening the system, which offers one of its largest benefits, namely lowering the risks of leakage. It is because of this reason that we often apply this sensor on hydrogen systems, in combination with ATEX and SIL2 cert. We can customize the applied clamp and sensor tip especially for your application. In addition to the wide range of standardized diameters, we also offer customized diameters.



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