What does a portable temperature calibrator do?

Are you looking for a portable temperature calibrator for temperature elements, such as thermocouples and resistance thermometers? An instrument with high reliability, accuracy and which is easy to operate?

Our portable temperature calibrators come in various modifications: dry block calibrators, calibration baths and a combination of both. With the various options, the preferred temperatures can be set swift and effortlessly. Our various calibration solutions are commonly used in the bio- and pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, clinical- and medical laboratories and industrial engineering.

Traqc-3 FM


Dry block calibrators are applied for non-liquid calibrations. These are often used for straightforward shaped elements. The Traqc-3 FM or LL are both good examples of dry block calibrators. For specific applications or more complex shapes, calibration baths or liquid bath calibrators are the solution. These also provide the option to measure electrical signals
simultaneously. Tradinco has the CTB-9400 and CTB-9500 in its range. Combine these calibrators with our remote calibration software AutoCal and you have a fully automated set- up to perform your calibrations.

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Traqc-3 FM


Traqc-3 LL


CTD 9300 serie


CTB 9500 serie


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