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What does a multi-function temperature calibrator do?

Are you looking for a multi-function temperature calibrator? With which, for example, you can calibrate thermocouples and RTDs, but also pressure transmitters or pressure switches? This is possible with a multi-function temperature calibrator. These versatile measuring instruments are very suitable for on-site testing and calibration of industrial measuring instruments. The calibration data is stored in the instrument's memory. You can read this later on your PC. These calibrators are available in a normal or ATEX version.

DPI 880 Multifunctional Calibrator | Tradinco Instruments


These multi-function calibrators simultaneously measure and generate various process parameters, such as electrical, frequency, temperature and pressure. This includes V, mA, Ohm, mV, RTDs, thermocouples and frequency. They are robust, safe, easy to carry and very reliable. The instrument is equipped with an intuitive touchscreen. In our assortment we have the portable multifunctional calibrators from GE, namely the DPI 620 Genii and the DPI 880.

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