Bimetal thermometers

Gas expansie thermometer

Bimetal thermometers

In a bimetal thermometer, two metals with different expansion coefficients are connected together. If the temperature changes, one metal will want to expand more than the other and the connection changes shape. Thermometers come with a dial for reading the temperature. Thus, a thermometer can be used for protection against high or low temperatures. In an application with a lot of vibration or pressurepulsations, the housing can be filled with glycerin.

Technical specifications

Switch contacts: slow acting, magnetich snap, inductive
Would you like a custom design? This is also possible for small quantities.
Accuracy class 1 axis per EN 13190


Bimetal thermometers are by nature very robust and reliable. Because it is a mechanical instrument, it continues to work even if the power fails. This makes this instrument suitable for use in harsh industrial environments, such as off-shore platforms, ships and in the (petro) chemical industry. For the biotech industry there is a special version, which is equipped with the appropriate thermowell and is therefore suitable for application in hygienic systems.

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Bimetaal thermometer

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