The GV4610 thermometer

Do you need a thermometer for sterile applications in food & pharma? Then we recommend the temperature transmitter GV4610. This is a temperature transmitter in a compact stainless steel housing. It has a high resolution graphic display. This is very convenient when reading the temperature and programming the transmitter. The temperature measurement is performed with a PT100. This is applied to a pipe wall. via the patented clamp-on system.

Technical specifications

PT100 Class A, fast response
Non-contact measurement technology, no additional insulation required
Range: -40 ..150 Celcius * other ranges available on request


The GV4610 is widely used in installations in food & beverage, biotech and pharma. This is mainly due to its clamp-on  technology. This measures the temperature reliably, without making contact with the process medium. The thermometers of the GV4610 series are made of stainless steel, with a hygienic design according to the guidelines of EHEDG and 3A, protection level IP 65-67. The display is very pleasant to use, even when the temperature needs to be read locally. Do you need a different size? Then we can also help you with customized solutions.

Werking GA2610

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