The GP2610 thermometer

Need a thermometer suitable for hygienic processes? The GP2610 switch is a temperature switch that can be attached to the outside of a pipe using clamp-on technology. This technology allows for reliable and non-invasive measurements. The output of this switch is a 4 (OFF) or 33 mA(ON) output. The switch points can be set between -40 and 150 degrees. A delay can also be set up to 99 seconds. An LED indicator always shows whether the sensor is open or closed.

Technical specifications

2 wire temperature switch
Output of 4 mA OFF or 33 mA ON
Switching point accuracy: ±0,5K
Clamp-on fastening technique
Non-contact measurement technology, no additional insulation required


The GP2610 switch is usually connected directly to a PLC I/O. The switch is used to switch heating or cooling on and off, for example. Because the temperature sensor is attached to a pipe wall using clamp-on technology, it never comes into contact with the medium and there is also no risk of contamination or leakage. This makes this switch especially used in installations where hygiene is very important, such as Biotech pharma and food & beverage. This switch can also be used in gas cabinets of high-tech machines.

Werking GA2610

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