The GA2610 sensors

How do you measure the temperature in a pipe without compromising hygiene? You can do this with a resistance thermometer with clamp-on technology. Labom's type GA 2610 is a PT100 temperature sensor equipped with a patented clamping system. The clamp is robust, thermally isolates the sensor from the environment and is easy to apply. The GA 2610 series can be equipped with various transmitters. These convert the PT100 signal to HART, IO-link, 4..20 mA or other.

Technical specifications

PT100 Class A, fast response
Non-contact measurement technology, no additional insulation required
Measuring range: -40 ..150 Celcius * other ranges available on request


The clamp-on technology enables reliable temperature measurement without making a connection or opening in a pipe. As a result, there is no risk of leakage or contamination of the process or environment. For this reason, this sensor is widely used in hygienic plants (biotech, pharma and food & beverage) and plants with hazardous substances. The sensor can be calibrated in a dry-block with insert or in an immersion bath. The versions with SIL2 and ATEX certification are used in hydrogen systems.

Werking GA2610

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