Druck UNIK 5800/5900

The UNIK 5800 and 5900 are specifically designed for application in explosion hazardous environments. The basis of these sensors is the UNIK5000 platform. By adding, among other things, a special housing, both the 5800 and 5900 are flame- resistant, explosion-proof and protected against dust explosions. Comprehensive certification is of course available. They offer a lightweight and cost-effective alternative to heavy-duty process transducers and switches traditionally used in many oil and gas applications. Of course, cables resistant to drilling mud and hydrocarbons are available.

Technical specifications

Range of 2 to 700 bar (30 to 10,000 psi)
Accuracy to ±0.04% full scale (FS)
Stainless steel construction
SIL certified version available
Frequency range up to 3.5 kHz
High overpressure capacity
Certifications for hazardous areas
mV, mA and voltage outputs
Oil and drilling fluid (mud) resistant cable option (5800)
Integrated connection compartment with long or short body (5900)


Explosive environments are traditionally commonly found in the oil and gas, (petro) chemical industry. The sensor is used in installations where highly ammable substances are processed, or where there is a risk of such a substance being released. For safety reasons, the sensor must continue to work even in extreme situations, such as when a re does break out unexpectedly. Often, very large bulk (and expensive) sensors are used for this purpose. The unik 5800 / 5900 is a lightweight and inexpensive alternative for this.


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