PASCAL Ci4 serie

PASCAL Ci4 sensors

These high-quality pressure transmitters can be used to measure pressure and differential pressure. The sensor has a large display with high resolution. This is especially useful for reading and programming. With this sensor, an IP69K rating is possible which also makes cleaning from the outside possible. The transmitters of the Pascal Ci4 series can be divided into two categories, namely the sensors for relative pressure (Ci41) and the sensors for differential pressure, level and flow measurements (Ci43).

Technical specifications

ATEX and SIL2 certified
0..250 mbar up to 0..400 bar, turndown 1:100
Accuracy 0.1%
Detachable display & control unit
Output: 4..20 mA, HART, Digital comm. Via PDM, FDT/DTM, 375/475/TREX Field communicators


The Ci4 sensors are widely used in (petro) chemical plants. The high reliability, SIL2 and ATEX certification and robust design make the transmitter suitable for this environment. Because of its sanitary design, the Ci4 is also widely used in biotech and
pharma installations.

The large turndown (1:100) is used to reduce the measurement range without losing accuracy with it. Besides the flexibility this offers, it can also mean considerable savings in spare parts. The large display and various mounting options make the transmitter suitable for panel mounting.

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