The DPS5000

The DPS5000 from Druck is an accurate, temperature compensated pressure sensor. This sensor is read digitally with I2C, Can bus or SDI-12. This makes the sensor easy to integrate and has very low power consumption.

The sensor is available as a standard industrial sensor with housing and cable, or as an internal sensor where the back side is open and can be easily coupled to a PCB.

Technical specifications

Output: I2C, SDI-12 or Can-bus
Range: 0..70mbar to 0..100 bar
Absolute or gauge pressure
Operating range (max): -40..125 °C
Extremely low energy consumption
30 ms power-on time


The DPS5000 can be used in a variety of applications. Think of pressure measurements in ow meters, process transmitters and other measurement and control applications. The low power consumption makes the sensor suitable for remote applications where power is provided by a battery or a small solar panel.

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