Universal & Compact sensors

Universeel/compact serie

A series by Labom

Labom's Universal/Compact series has a simple and robust design. The process connections and electrical connections are freely selectable. A stainless steel field housing is available for heavier applications. For lower pressure ranges, a piezo-resistive sensor is used, while for higher pressures, thin film technology is used. In addition, an internal separation membrane or a flush mounted separation membrane can be chosen. With the latter option, the connection to the pressure sensor can be prevented from becoming clogged with process residue.

Technical specifications

Output: 4..20 mA, 0...20 mA.... 0..10V
Accuracy 0.5% FS
Stainless steel, Protection IP65 optional IP67
ATEX, GL (Shipping)


Labom’s Universal/Compact sensor line is designed for general applications, where robustness and low cost are high priorities. The sensor is particularly widely used in the chemical and petrochemical industries, but also in shipping. Tradinco Instruments therefore offers the option of including the German Loyd approval certicate.

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CB2030 HDD

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