MPL 800

MPL 800 pressure switch

Are you looking for a small pressure switch for higher pressure ranges? Then the MPL 800 is a suitable miniature pressure switch, or small pressure switch. These pressure switches contain a mechanical transmission that makes or breaks an electrical contact (SPDT) at a preset pressure. The MPL 800 has a rugged housing made of an aluminum and zinc alloy. This makes it a lightweight switch, but able to withstand higher pressures (about 17 bar). The switch functionality is similar to the MPL 600, but for higher ranges. These switches are only available in larger quantities for OEM applications. Samples can be ordered for prototypes etc.

Technical specifications

Range 10 ..250 PSI / 690 mbar ... 17 Bar 500PSI Burst pressure
Temperature range: -40..85 Celsius
Material: Zinc - all aluminum body, polyurethane Diaphram is standard, other materials are possible


The MPL 800 pressure switch is mainly used for monitoring pressures in machines and plants. An example is a compressor or pump that needs to be switched on or off at a certain pressure. The pressure switch has a number of clever functions that in some
applications make the use of a PLC or computer unnecessary. For example, a switch dead-band (hysteresis) can be set. This prevents the switch from continuously jumping on and off.

MPL 800

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