Precision pressure gauges


Precision pressure gauges

Labom's precision manometers are distinguished from other manometers by their improved reading accuracy. The diameter of the dial is between 100 and 160 mm and in combination with the improved linearity, an accuracy class of class 0.25 or class 0.6 according to EN837-1 can be achieved. Precision pressure gauges are constructed entirely of stainless steel and are available in pressure ranges from -1 . to max 600 bar.

Technical specifications

Accuracy class 0.25 or 0.6 according to EN837-1
Range of -1..600 bar
Can be supplied with flanges for mounting in a panel


Precision pressure gauges are mainly used in instrument panels where the pressure must be able to be read accurately. A mechanical indicator may be the best choice in some situations, for example:

  • In locations where electricity is not available;
  • As backup for electrical transmitters in safety-critical applications in the event of a power down;
  • In explosive environments, where preferably no electrical components are used.

Related products

ECOnomic pressure gauges

Range from -0.6…0 to -1…15 bar and 0…0.6 to 0…160 bar


The BE4200 has a range of -1…1600 bar


The BN4200 is a pressure gauge with pressure switch

Industrial pressure gauges

Pressure gauges with a measuring range between -1…600 bar


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