Board level sensors

Board level sensoren

Board-level pressure sensors

Board-level pressure sensors are sensors intended to be integrated on a PCB (printed circuit board) or in a measuring instrument. A characteristic of these sensors is that the electrical connection usually consists of a solder leg or solder pad and the weight is very low.

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Technical specifications

Supply voltage: typically between 1.8V to 5V
Output type: analog, digital or both
Operating temperature range: varies depending on sensor type, but typically -40°C to +125°C
Accuracy: depends on sensor type, but can range from a few percent to fractions of a percent
Resolution: the smallest unit of measurement the sensor can detect
Mounting type: surface-mount or through-hole


For example, board-level pressure sensors are used in PCBs in pressure and flow controllers, autosamplers and probes for geotechnical measurements. Their small size also makes them suitable for use in scale models used in R&D projects. Sometimes a standard model is not quite suitable or it is desirable to include a piece of electronics. Tradinco Instruments can help with this as well.

Board level sensor

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