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What do the RTX series angle sensor do?

Are you looking for an angle sensor that is suitable for a wet or dry environment? Angle sensors are sensors with which an angle rotation can be measured. There are different types of angle sensors. Basically, it means that the rotation of an axis is converted into an electrical signal that is proportional to the angle at which the axis is rotated. Measuring an angle is often a simple and robust method to determine the location of for example, an arm. There are angle sensors that are also designed for humid environments.


Angle sensors are often used in systems where the position of an arm, valve or other mechanical element must be measured or checked. Traditionally, on/off switches are often used for control in machines. This limits the speed at which you can move.

By measuring the angle and linking it to an active control, it is possible to move faster and/or to slow down better when the end point is approached. An additional advantage is that a smoother arrangement can ensure that there is less wear and therefore fewer machine failures.

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