How does this hand pump work?

Are you looking for a hand pump that can generate a pressure of up to 1000 bar? The PV 212 is a hydraulic hand pump from Baker Hughes. This hand pump is the ideal tool for calibrating pressure transmitters, pressure transducers, pressure switches and pressure gauges. Not only because of the high-pressure range, but also because the pump is light and easy to use. The hand pump is very suitable for daily test- and calibration tasks. The products are strong, reliable and accurate.

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The PV 212 hand pump is very suitable for testing, adjusting and calibrating various pressure instruments such as pressure gauges, pressure switches, safety valves up to a pressure of up to 1000 bar. The pump has a needle valve for accurately setting each pressure within hand pump ranges. You can use the pump with distilled water or mineral oil. A transparent reservoir of 100CC is integrated for this.

When you combine the hand pump with an accurate digital manometer, connection material such as hoses, a set of connection adapters and accessories in a robust case, then you will have an effective set to quickly perform the necessary test and calibration tasks.

Technical specifications

  • Hydraulic pressures up to 1000 bar (15.000 psi)
  • Fast pre-pressure regulation using a pre-pressure pump
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • The needle valve ensures a fine pressure adjustment and controlled pressure release
  • Has a built-in 100cc reservoir for oil and distilled water

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