How does this hand pump work?

Are you looking for a lightweight, robust, low pressure and vacuum hand pump? Then the PV210 from Baker Hughes is a very suitable hand pump. This pneumatic hand pump is especially suitable for measurements where small pressures must be precisely controlled. Every minimum pressure change can be set with the adjustable volume control.

pv210 met slangen


The PV210 hand pump is very suitable for testing, adjusting and calibrating low pressure instrumentation. When you combine the hand pump with an accurate digital manometer, hoses and adapters? Then you will have an effective measuring instrument to quickly perform the necessary test and calibration tasks.

Technical features:

  • Can generate pneumatic excess pressure as well as vacuum
  • Generates vacuum up to 90% and pressure up to 3000 mbar
  • Adjustable pressure relief valve for maximum outlet pressure
  • Built-in volume control and needle valve for fine adjustments of pressures


Traqc-5 700/1000


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