PTX 1800 serie

What will these sensors do?

Do you want to take measurements at a hydrostatic level? The PTX 1800 pressure sensor is an excellent measuring device. The sensor has a high accuracy and long-term stability. The
housing of the sensor is made of titanium and hermetically sealed. This makes the construction very robust and resistant to a wide range of environmental influences. The sensor has a small diameter of 17.5 mm, allowing the sensor to be installed in areas with a small diameter. The PTX1800 is also available as an ATEX version. The cable is reinforced with Kevlar especially for applications at greater depth.

PTX 1800 1


A submersible pressure sensor, such as the PTX1800 pressure sensor, is one of the most efficient ways to measure fluid levels or water levels. The sensor uses very little energy and
remains stable and reliable over a long period of time. This type of measurement is done on board vessels, for example in ballast tanks, but also in storage tanks on land. The water
levels in rivers, lakes and locks can also be measured in a similar way.

If you would like advice on which version best suits your requirements, please contact us for more information.

Technical specifications

  • Range: 0..0.75mH2O to 0..600m H2O
  • Accuracy: from 0.06% FS BSL
  • Temperature compensated
  • ATEX, for use in hydrocarbon

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