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What does the hydraulic pump do?

How do you create test pressure in hoses, pipes, valves, etc.? This can be done by using a hydraulic booster pump. Our robust, air powered hydraulic booster pumps have a high pressure output. They are safe, simple and efficient to operate. This makes these pumps extremely effective in all kinds of working environments.

A hydraulic pump transports oil or any other liquids from the reservoir (the tank) to other parts of the system. Thepressure is build up to a test object applying specified gear ratio. 

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With the pneumatic supply pressure the outlet pressure can be controlled with great accuracy. This allows hydrostatic tests to be carried out on pipes, valves and pressure units, for example. Our air powered pumps are a perfect alternative to electric powered pumps. Therefore they can be operated in explosive areas or other potential hazardous working environments.  

We offer the hydraulic pump as a ready to use complete setAn input manometer, output manometer and a silencer are included in the set. 

Do you want to know which hydraulic pump best suits your requirements? We are happy to discuss the options that are available.


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