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How does a pressure switch work?

A pressure switch is a device that sends out a signal when the pressure reaches a certain level. Usually this signal is in the form of opening or closing an electrical switch.

There are many different versions available, both mechanical and electrical. Tradinco Instruments offers pressures switches from Labom and MPL.

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MPL 500 Pressure Switch | Tradinco Instruments


In a lot of processes, pressure monitoring is essential. A well-chosen pressure switch can help with this. A pressure switch is often found around pumps, compressors and production
machines. Based on the output of such a switch, valves can be controlled, and machines or alarms can be turned off or on.

This functionality can also be achieved when a pressure sensor is combined with a PLC. However, by combining this functionality in one device a simpler, cheaper and easier to
maintain system can be realized in many situations.


MPL 500 en 600


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