What is a board level pressure sensor?

Are you looking for a sensor that can be integrated on a PCB or in an instrument? Board level pressure sensors are sensors that are intended to be integrated on a PCB (printed circuit board) or in a measuring instrument.

Characteristic of these sensors is that the electrical connection usually consists of a solder leg or solder pad and the weight is very low. Would you like help with selecting the best sensor? We are happy to help you!



Board level pressure sensors are used, for example, in PCB's in pressure and flow controllers, auto samplers and probes for geo-technical measurements. Due to their small dimensions, they are also suitable for use in scale models used in R&D projects.

Do you want to integrate a sensor on your PCB, or do you want a sensor already integrated on a PCB? Tradinco can supply both. We like to know more about your application.


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