Why use a pressure gauge?

Even though everything becomes more and more digital,  a mechanical indicator or pressure gauge is still a very popular way to read pressure. Why? Pressure gauges are easy to read and will even continue to work in the event of a power failure.

Do you know, you can add an electrical switch function to a bourdon pressure gauge? This is ideal for detection of over- or under pressure.



Manometers are applied in situations where you want to be able to read the pressure at all times. This can be to check if a machine or installation is working properly, but also to prevent accidents, like opening a pressurised pipeline during maintainance.

For applications in food & beverage or Pharma and biotech, Pressure gauges can be supplied with a hygienic process connection meeting requirements by EHEDG or FDA to avoid contamination. Some industrial applications also require specific diaphram seal technology for instance to prevent corosion.

With diaphram seal technology from labom, we can handle any application.


ECOnomic pressure gauges


Precision pressuremeters


Industrial manometer


Hygienic process connections


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