How do these connections work?

Do you work in an environment where hygiene is very important? For example, in the food and beverage or pharma/biotech environment. Then you know that a well-designed installation is very important to prevent contamination. For this, special hygienic couplings are used for connecting pressure sensors. These are designed in such a way that no cavities arise where products can be left behind.

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The separation membrane must have a very low surface roughness so that no dirt or product can adhere. The membrane must also be very sturdy and flexible at the same time, so that the pressure is properly transmitted to the sensor.

There are many different types of hygienic process connections. Some have been developed specifically for a certain application and others have been standardized. Examples are DIN11851, DIN 11864, NEUMO, VARIVENT. These types of couplings can be found in bioreactors, fermentation processes, dairy, beer and fruit juice factories. The separation membranes from Labom are loved worldwide because of their high quality.


CV4-Serie klein

Pressure manometer

CG2010-submersible druksensoren klein

Submersible pressure sensor


BN4200 klein

Pressure switch


PASCAL CS2110 klein

Electrical pressure sensor


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