What is an electrical pressure sensor?

Do you want to measure pressure and translates this into an electrical signal? An electrical pressure sensor does just that.

These sensors often look very similar, but they can be completely different on the inside. Consider, for example, differences in process connection, electrical output, dimensions, weight, temperature range, accuracy, SIL and ATEX classification, compatibility with the environment and so on.

There is an endless variation in pressure sensors, but small details can be important when selecting the optimal sensor for your application.



Electrical pressure sensors are applied in all kinds of machines and proceses. Usually they will be directly linked to a measurement or control system.

Sometimes there is a need to have a display integrated in the sensor. These pressure indicating transmitters or PIT are common in manual operated installations or for safety purposes.

Sensors with a high frequency respons are generally used in R&D settings to measure highly dynamic systems.


Pascal CS


Pascal Ci4


Universal/Compact series


Compact ECO series


Pascal CV4


RPS/DPS 8000


UNIK 5000


Pascal CV3


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