What does a pressure test instrument do?

Do you want to check and test the pressure of a certain measurement instrument in a simple and effective way? A pressure test instrument, also called a pressure indicator, can help you further. Tradinco Instruments has different variants of pressure test instruments.

Do you want to know which one best suit your specific requirements? We gladly help you out.

Pace 1000


By combining these pressure test instruments with, for example, a hand pump such as the Traqc-5 or a controller from the Traqc-9 C series, you create a good calibration setup. These instruments are also often built into, for example, fixed calibration setups, (mobile) workshops and calibration and maintenance areas. If you combine these instruments with the AutoCal calibration software, the calibration process runs efficiently and according to fixed routines to save time and improve quality.


Traqc-9 P






Calibration software


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